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Stomach Gripping and Hourglass Syndrome were hot topics last year* and for good reason...

*So much so that the video on this page was the most "viral" thing I've ever posted on Instagram!

Chronically holding your belly in or trying to keep tight abs *ALL* the time might lead to, 

- increased pressure on your pelvic floor, 

- restriction on your breath cycle placing more work/tension on your shoulders, chest, neck, and/or,

- reduced function of your whole core musculature.


new course coming up!

[drumroll please]

Stop Stomach Gripping with me, Elyse Sparkes! 🙋🏻‍♀️

We're going to dive deeper into the basic anatomy behind this + practice simple movements that will help you release abdominal tension and learn how to engage without putting excess pressure on your pelvic floor.

This will be for you if: 

  • you can't unclench your belly

  • you squeeze your pelvic floor to avoid leaking pee or passing gas

  • you've been told you have Hourglass Syndrome or are a "stomach gripper"

  • you keep a "tight core" *ALL* the time, 

  • you experience leaking pee of any kind, chronic constipation, organ prolapse, or pain with intercourse

  • have a very tight + stiff upper body

  • you chronically draw in your gut in front of a mirror, for pictures, in tight clothes, in a bathing suit

  • have always been told 'good posture' = belly in, shoulders back

  • your upper ab area draws in when you inhale

In the workshop you'll learn: 

  • How releasing chronic tension in your abdominals and pelvic floor can help reduce things like leaking pee when you sneeze, chronic constipation, hourglass syndrome, and pain with intercourse,

  • Why you don't need to "keep a tight core" all the time + what to do instead,

  • Simple self-massage + movement exercises that you can start practicing right away to strengthen your core without the excess tension.

Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when the course is open!


With love, pelvic health, and body kindness,

xoxo Elyse

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