One of my favorite moves for pelvic health

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This is one of my favorite moves for pelvic floor health.

But clients have been finding this one tricky lately!

For many people it's harder than it looks. 

While you do it, check in that you:

🦴maintain the natural curves of your spine (not overly rounded or overly arched)

🦴keep your feet parallel + pointing forward

🦴stack your pelvis over your ankles

🦴hinge at your hips so your sitz bones are pointing directly behind you

🦴 don’t hold your breath!

Is your back still rounding when doing this wide legged hip hinge?

Try these modifications...

1️⃣ Bend your knees.

See if this allows you to untuck your pelvis. Once you practice here for awhile, straighten your legs slightly + see if you can maintain a neutral spine. If not just rebend your knees a little bit!

2️⃣ Keep your upper body higher up.

Use the back of a tall chair, or something similar. See if you can hinge your hips at this angle.

3️⃣ Practice finding your Sitz bones @ the wall!

Stand with your feet slightly away from the wall. Start to crease at your hips so that your sitz bones (see pelvic model to locate those ;) are connected to the wall. You can even think about them sliding up the wall!

Try it out.

Are you able to hinge at your hips, maintain a neutral spine, keep your pelvis over your ankles, AND get that hip shift?

...all while not holding your breath of course. 😉

It's A LOT.

Leave a comment to tell me how it goes for you!

With love, pelvic health, and body kindness, 

xoxo Elyse

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