3 shifts you can do NOW to help your pelvic floor

Blog 3 Shifts for PF


Here are 3 simple things you can do to improve your pelvic floor health...

(aka reduce leak pee + chronic constipation, heal prolapse and diastasis, and have pain-free penetration)!


1️⃣ Hips over heels

Check it out while you’re scrolling, cooking, brushing teeth, holding kids…. Are your hips shifted forward?

This position can put extra strain on the pelvic floor + core muscles, limits pelvic mobility, + inhibits glute function.

Will EVERYONE who stands like this experience incontinence or other pelvic floor issues?


But if you do experience pelvic floor dysfunction, this is important to check out.

2️⃣ Swap 👠 for flat, flexible shoes.

Listen, I LOVE dancing in heels. And I do! And that’s okay!

But an elevated heel also tends to tuck your pelvis + shift your pelvis forward in space (see #1).

Plus, heels tend to slide your foot forward toward the toebox + squish your toes together (bunions, hammer toes, etc), again decreasing how much your glutes can engage while you walk + balance. An elevated heel can also lead to tight calves + decrease the ‘push off’ function of the big toe joint.

There’s so much more to the feet ➡️ pelvic floor conversation, but let’s leave it there for now.

Important notes:

*I’m not saying to throw out your heels! I’m just saying to consider adding in flat, flexible, wide-enough-toebox shoes more of the time.

**It's not just stilettos. Many boots, sneakers, and regular shoes have an elevated heel as well.

***Doing a drastic switch from heels to absolutely flat might be intense for your body. If you’re not used to it, transition gradually.

***If a professional you trust told you otherwise, you do you!

3️⃣ Avoid hovering over the 🚽

If it’s filthy, clean it or put down the paper cover thing!

Hovering in a squat doesn’t allow the pelvic floor area to release in the way it needs to in order to eliminate well (for pee or 💩).

Sit down fully to allow the pelvic floor to relax.

****Bonus point if you get your feet elevated! Check my ‘Constipation’ instagram highlight for tons of ideas around this. A good ‘ol pile of books or bathroom trash can does the trick!

Which one will you try today?

Hit reply to let me know!

With love, pelvic health, and body kindness, 

xoxo Elyse

Leaking pee when you sneeze, cough, jump, or run...
Let's release "sucking it in"


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