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I've had quite a few conversations this week with clients and colleagues around the topic of pain during intercourse. 

It's seems to be very common - and people don't really know where to turn to get help. 

Usually the advice is: 

  • drink a glass of wine

  • loosen up, and

  • use plenty of lube.

Listen, I love a fine wine, but if you've experienced pain during sex you know that a glass of wine (or the other recommendations above) is not addressing the root cause of WHY you're having pain in the first place. 

This is a multi-layered issue and may take a multi-faceted approach to heal. 


Here are some (hopefully more helpful than wine) areas to investigate: 


  • Trauma + Psychological component

(Seeing a therapist, especially one with somatic training could be very helpful)


  • Scar Tissue

(Scar tissue could be from something like caesarean, episiotomy, perineal tear, injury, accident, hysterectomy, other abdominal/pelvic surgery, trauma. Depending on the location of your scar tissue, you may want to seek out a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Structural Integration practitioner, or Maya Abdominal Massage expert) 


  • Hormonal Shifts

(If you have gone/are going through any stage of menopause, gender transition, cancer treatment, and/or any other kind of hormonal shift, it's possible this could be playing a role. This would be something to bring up with your doctor.)


  • Hypertonic or imbalanced pelvic floor musculature

(Tight pelvic floor muscles are a common culprit, BUT that doesn't necessarily mean what you think it does. Kegels - the isolated contracting + releasing of the pelvic floor muscles - might NOT be for you if you have a "tight" pelvic floor. You probably need more release of the area and balancing of the whole pelvic bowl. See a pelvic floor physical or occupational therapist or Movement Rehab specialist ).


This last one?

That's where I can help. 

Movement rehab for core + pelvic floor can do wonders to help reduce pain during intercourse. 

It's non-invasive and can help you restore your pelvic floor function in a very accessible way. 

Any questions about your specific situation and how the next group program can help? 

Leave me a comment! 


With love, pelvic health, and body kindness, 

xoxo Elyse

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