5 *simple* standing moves to help pelvic floor function

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Do you get in the "all or nothing" mentality around movement?

Sometimes we really just don't have time / energy / space for a full workout and that's okay.

In those seasons of life, one helpful thing to do is focus on adding itty bitty movement bites into your day. 

Here are 5 simple movements you can do from a standing position anywhere, anytime (do each for 30 sec or less) to drop into your body again. 

BONUS: these are all beneficial for your core and pelvic floor function. 🙌🏻 Read the "why" behind that below!


1. Hip Figure 8’s

Move your pelvis like ♾️.

→ The pelvic floor responds really well to hip mobility and helps your hips do these actions. Notice: do some areas feel stuck? Can you do the same movement in reverse direction?

2. Rib Cage Shifts

Move your ribs side to side like a typewriter. Make sure you’re keeping your hips stable.

→ Oftentimes people experiencing core + pelvic floor dysfunction have a lot of rigidity or habitual holding patterns in the ribs. Notice: are you able to shift your rib cage side to side? Does one side feel like a more comfortable position?

3. Shoulder Shrugs

Inhale to lift your shoulders as high as you can up to your ears. Exhale to fully release.

→ Releasing tension and reducing holding patterns in your chest + shoulders can allow for more space and expansion throughout your breath cycle and reduce pressure down into your pelvic floor.

4. Heart Cat/Cow with Internal + External Arm Rotation

Flip your palms outward to externally rotate your arms as you lift your chest up. Internally rotate as your flex your upper spine to round forward.

→ Notice: can you match the length of your inhale to the chest lift and match the length of your exhale to the rounding?

5. Gait Shifts

Extend one leg back. Shift your body forward toward the front leg + actively engage your glute on that side.

→ The way you walk can affect your pelvic floor! Your big toe joint and glute engagement play a big role in your gait cycle. Notice: Rock back + forth on one side 4-6x, then take a normal walk. Feel a difference compared to the other side?

Do all 5 in a row or sneak a few in throughout your day.

Leave me a comment to let me know how it goes!!

With love, pelvic health, and body kindness, 

xoxo Elyse

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