How do I know if I'm slouching?

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Recently I got some great questions from program participants...

Q: How do I know if I'm slouching in a seated position?

Q: If I lean against a wall will that immediately shift my pelvis into a neutral position?

Great questions!

First off, make sure you've read the previous blog post with my notes on "neutral pelvis" and done the 6 min movement sequence with me:



After you've done that, you can use the same tools to find neutral pelvis from a seated position.


A) Sit upright in a chair and move your pelvis into an Anterior Pelvic Tilt

This will be where the ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine, or hip points) are forward of your pubic bone


B) Now, move your pelvis into a Posterior Pelvic Tuck*

This will be where your ASIS are behind your pubic bone.


C) Go back and forth between position A and position B. Then settle directly between those two positions, seated upright.  

Your ASIS and pubic bone will be on the same plane.


Now let's explore the second question. 

Leaning against a wall can offer your back some support, however it's very common that it also creates a posterior tuck in your pelvis.

D) Sit on the floor with your back leaning on a wall and notice the position of your pelvis.

Is it in a posterior tuck? 


E) If so, try placing a folded blanket, towel, or firm pillow under your pelvis.

This will elevate your pelvis and allow it to return closer to neutral. Which could offer more support to both your back and your pelvis! 

*Note: You may also hear people say "posterior tilt" to describe this position of the pelvis. I use the term "posterior pelvic tuck" to differentiate between this position and the position of the anterior tilt.

Let me know in the comments: 

Were these videos and images helpful? 

Were you able to get a sense of your personal "neutral" pelvis from a sitting position? 


With love, pelvic health, and body kindness, 

xoxo Elyse

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