Elyse Sparkes

Stop Stomach Gripping course

Release abdominal tension and stop "sucking it in" all the time

by learning basic anatomy + simple movements to help!

Are you a "stomach gripper"?

Chronically holding your belly in or trying to keep tight abs *ALL* the time might lead to,  

→ increased pressure on your pelvic floor,
→ restriction on your breath cycle placing more work/tension on your shoulders, chest, neck, and/or
→ reduced function of your whole core musculature...

However, some simple movement practices can help!

STOP STOMACH GRIPPING WORKSHOP Stop Stomach Gripping Workshop with Elyse Sparkes $30.00
Kelsey Fox Bennett Boyd - Brain Gym Consultant, Author, and Educator

“I was a chronic stomach gripper until working with Elyse Sparkes. The benefits of no longer gripping: Impressively better bowel movements, happier pelvic floor and improved core alignment/strength!”

Brain Gym Consultant, Author, and Educator

In this course you'll learn :

  • How releasing chronic tension in your abdominals and pelvic floor can help reduce things like leaking pee when you sneeze, chronic constipation, hourglass syndrome, and pain with intercourse,

  • Why you don't need to "keep a tight core" all the time + what to do instead,

  • Simple self-massage + movement exercises that you can start practicing right away to strengthen your core without the excess tension.

Join this course

to repattern + release

abdominal tension!